General Email Setup

Most e-mail clients need the same basic information to function properly. This article describes that information and where you can find it.

Gather mailserver info
The Welcome e-mail sent to you from goldcoastinternet contains the following information, which you will need to have readily available when setting up your e-mail account:

- E-mail account (this is your full e-mail address)
- E-mail Server address (IP, resolvable server hostname, or domain name)
- E-mail account password (what you set up when you created the mailbox)

Here is an example of the above info:
E-mail Account:
E-mail Server:
Passsword: secret

To encrypt or not to encrypt?
None of our servers support Secure Password Authentication (SPA). Please disable it or leave it disabled (Your authentication info is encrypted via SSL / TLS instead)

We STRONGLY recommend the use of encryption on e-mail due to the sensitive nature of most e-mail accounts.
All of our mailservers should function with TLS encryption for SMTP on port 25 or 587 (outgoing) and SSL for POP3 on port 995 and IMAP with SSL on port 993.
Regular (non-encrypted) e-mail should be set up with SMTP on port 25 or 587 (some ISPs block outbound port 25) and POP3 on port 110 or IMAP on port 143.

Putting it all together
You can use the hostname of the server to avoid DNS issues with your domain. An example server hostname is horspwr.goldcoastinternet .net . Another example is . All shared / SIP servers will have a *.goldcoastinternet .net hostname which should be listed somewhere in your Welcome e-mail, as a link to your SiteWorx login. Follow the format of SERVER.goldcoastinternet .net, with SERVER being the actual server name. You should use this as your incoming and outgoing server (SMTP and POP3 or IMAP).

Recommended Settings
We recommend using IMAP with TLS and SMTP with SSL. IMAP helps keep mailboxes synchronized and allows proper use of hybrid webmail / mail client / device setups. IMAP is also generally faster than POP3 and this can be advantageous when dealing with more than a few messages per day. All of the goldcoastinternet  staff use IMAP as we deal with up to a few thousand e-mails per day. We recommend ThunderBird as a mail client as it's cross-platform and free / open-source.

Now that we have the basics...

Please choose your mail service: phpmyadmin r1soft Interworx