Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 for Windows

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This article explains how to set up Mozilla Thunderbird, 3.X to use to access your domain's e-mail account.

Step 1: Gather mailserver info

Your Welcome E-Mail contains almost all the information that you need to set up your E-Mail account.
Ensure that you have all of the following information available:
[A] E-Mail account (this is your full USER@DOMAIN.TLD E-Mail address)
[B] E-Mail Server address (IP, resolvable server hostname, or domain name)
E-Mail account password (what you set up when you created the mailbox)

Here is an example of the above info:
E-Mail Account:
E-Mail Server:
Passsword: secret.

Step 2: Open setup wizard

When Thunderbird is initially started, it will prompt you to add a new E-Mail account with a window titled Mail Account Setup. If it does not, do the following:
Click on the Tools→Accounts drop-down menu from the standard toolbar, then click Account Actions → Add Mail Account





Step 3: Account Settings

Fill out the form using the info you gathered in Step 1, then press Continue


Step 3: Manually edit connection info

Click Edit and change your Username to the full “user@domain.tld” username that you gathered in Step 1, then press Re-Test Configuration
We recommend using the following ports:
IMAP: 993 (with SSL encryption)
SMTP: 25 or 587 (with TLS encryption)

Step 4: Create account

Once your incoming and outgoing connecting status symbols are green and you're using encryption as well as your full user@domain.tld username, press Create Account and your setup is done! phpmyadmin r1soft Interworx