what is web hosting ?

Your website is accessed worldwide by using your domain name, or 'www.mybusiness.com'.

This domain name is an address that is connected to the physical computers that contain the code, images, and text that is displayed on your website.

These computers are called 'Hosts' and there are several types and prices depending on your business needs.

This type of hosting is called 'Shared-Server-Hosting' which means your site resides on a computer along with other websites.

We continually monitor server activity and traffic to ensure your site will deliver your site content quickly and accurately.

This is the least expensive route and can adequately support the traffic that an informational site demands.

Your host account not only provides space where your website files reside, but it also provides the following services:

  • space for mail for all your email accounts
  • FTP space where you can upload and store files for your or client access
  • databases for storing the information that is posted on your web site
  • site statistics that track your site usage activity- we recommend using Google analytics for tracking your site activity
  • regular backups for your site information

It is important that your web hosting account provide significant speed and bandwidth for that visitors don't have to wait for your site content when visitng your site, submitting forms, and processing transactions.  Our accounts have been provien to provide more than adequate delivery speed.

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