Windows Live Mail 2011

Windows Live Mail is a free, local e-mail client that is part of a suite of programs called Windows Live Essentials. This suite of free programs from Microsoft includes Windows Mail, Live Messenger, and more. You can install just a few of these programs or all of Windows Live Essentials. Windows Live Mail allows you to set up multiple e-mail accounts. For example if you use an existing Hotmail account, and also use your domain's e-mail account, you can use Windows Live Mail to check, and manage e-mail for, both accounts at the same time. For more information about Windows Live Essentials 2011, refer to the Microsoft Web site. This article provides instructions on setting up Windows Live Mail 2011 to use with your domain's e-mail account.

If you currently have a Hotmail or a MSN ID, you can continue to use that ID with Windows Live Mail 2011.

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If you need assistance in setting up your e-mail account, send a message to If you currently do not have a client set up to use with your e-mail account, simply log in to your SiteWorx account and click Hosting Features > E-mail > Webmail.
Windows Live Mail is the successor for both Outlook Express (Windows XP) and Windows Mail (Windows Vista). For more information, refer to the Microsoft Web site.

Windows Live Mail 2011 installed on your computer.
Login information for the e-mail account that you want to use with the e-mail client. If you do not yet have an e-mail account set up, refer to Creating a New E-mail Box.

The IMAP/POP3 configuration settings and the Nexcess mail server information (provided in the "Welcome" e-mail that was sent when your Nexcess service was activated).

1. Launch Windows Live Mail 2011.

2. If you are using Windows Live Mail for the first time, you will be prompted to enter the address and password for the e-mail account that you want to add; if you have already been using Windows Live Mail, click Accounts on the menu bar and then click Email.

3. To avoid having to enter your password each time you access your e-mail, select the Remember this password check box.

4. In the Display name… box enter the name that you want to appear when you send messages from this account; e.g., "John Doe".

5. Select the Manually configure server settings check box and then click Next.

On the Configure server settings dialog box, you need to specify the proper settings for the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Incoming server information

6. From the Server type drop-down list, select the protocol that you want to use (IMAP or POP).

Note: If you plan on using multiple e-mail clients/devices to access your e-mail account, we strongly advise that you use IMAP. IMAP helps keep mail boxes synchronized and allows proper use of hybrid Webmail/e-mail client/device setups. For information, refer to E-mail Protocols: IMAP and POP3.

7. In the Server address box, enter the appropriate server host name (this can be found on the "Welcome" e-mail from Nexcess).

8. If using SSL (recommended), select the Requires a secure connection (SSL) check box 1).

9. Using the following information for reference, verify that the correct number is displaying in the Port box (according to the Server Type that you specified in Step 6):
IMAP With SSL: 993
IMAP Without SSL: 143
POP With SSL: 995
POP Without SSL: 110

10. In the Authenticate using: drop-down list, be sure that the default value ("Clear text") is selected.
Important: None of our servers support Secure Password Authentication (SPA). Be sure that SPA is NOT selected.

11. In the Logon user name box, enter your full e-mail address; e.g.,

Outgoing server information

12. In the Server address box, enter the appropriate server hostname.

13. If using SSL (recommended), select the Requires a secure connection (SSL) check box.
Note: When selecting encryption (“SSL”), your outgoing data will actually be encrypted via TLS, which is the encryption protocol supported by Nexcess mail servers. TLS supersedes, and is an extension of, SSL.

14. Verify that the correct number is displaying in the Port box (according to whether you selected the SSL option).
With SSL: 587
No SSL: 25

Note: It is not uncommon for Port '25' to be blocked by an ISP, which may result in mail delivery failure. Therefore, port '587' is the recommended alternative.

15. Select the Requires authentication check box.

16. Click Next. You should see a message letting you know that your account has been successfully set up. If setup was not successful, check to be sure that you entered the correct settings. If you need assistance, send a message to phpmyadmin r1soft Interworx